J's Racing XR Steering Type-F Katakana Limited Edition Steering Wheel - 325mm (Black Leather)

Sale price$430.00


New edition to the X'tream Racers steering series, KATAKANA limited!!

Black leather limited production of 200
New edition to the popular X'treme Racers steering. It has "J's Racing" in white Japanese Katakana, and red letters embroidered.

- Unsymmetrical design with the yellow center mark.

- The 325mm steering size was chosen for quick movement which is indispensable in the motor sports.

- The grip with the increased thickness fits your palm perfectly and minimizes the fatigue even at the long time sport driving.

- The steering wheel has a very high rigidity which can transfer the accurate information from the vehicle movement.

- The Type F version has a simpler flat shape with keeping the steering position very close to the stock (the steering position may change depending on the vehicle model and the type of boss used).

- By supporting the steering wheel with the palm on the flat type spoke, the driver can concentrate on and feel the precise vehicle movement. This is the steering wheel which can provide the driver a very fine tuned maneuvers.

- The stitch color is red and the horn button is special yellow specifically chosen for this steering.

- "J's Racing" carving on the front and the premium number on the back as a proof for the limited production.

- The horn button has XR logo on it.

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